This is your moment in history.


What will you spark?

LightEmUp®'s official social media content platform will launch in 2021!


LightEmUp provides an online FORUM for you – the rising generation of crusaders, philanthropists, and tell-it-like-it-is leaders a place to generate awareness for causes that spark a fire in your hearts. 


Here, we spotlight those compassionate warriors who are innovating groundbreaking ways to DO GOOD in their communities and around the globe. We then literally ‘LightEmUp®’ with widespread recognition and scholarships so they can continue lighting up our world. 


Our mission? To champion and inspire young thinkers who have the drive for social leadership and community citizenship.

Light 'Em Up


Share YOUR SPARK with us, send us your photos, videos, stories, blogs, concerts, crowd funders, events, and community actions.  Show us what you are passionate about!  Fire us ALL up with your Spark at  


Here we shelf politics and differences, and get back to what brings us together: HUMANITY. 


Join our growing community of social media warriors, future glass-ceiling shatterers and under-the-radar innovators who are taking action to impact history. 


With open minds and strong hearts, together we will keep each other's fires lit!

This is YOUR moment in history.
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